Non-Church Building Usage Form

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Please submit this form when requesting any event outside of regularly-scheduled activities.

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Before Submitting, please read the Guidelines below:

Renaissance Church Guidelines for Non-Church Events:

God has provided the campus of Renaissance Church for Kingdom events and ministries but non-church-related events may also be considered on a case-by-case basis. To insure orderly operation fo the Renaissance Church campus, we ask that all events be schedule properly and planned in accordance with these established guidelines:

  1. All requests from groups outside of the church family and ministries must be submitted and approved before being added to the church calendar. Please give as much advance notice as possible.
  2. Please use the NON-CHURCH BUILDING USE FORM for this purpose. The staff will discuss/approve your request, suggest changes, or explain why your request cannot be approved. Perhaps further information might be needed. Please do not assume the event is calendared until you receive notification, which you will receive once a decision has been made.
  3. Please be as thorough and concise as possible with your request. If you need to provide additional information, please add it to the request and/or contact the staff.
  4. Since the church has minimal staff and resources, FACILITIES USE FEES will be applied for extra events. Those fees would be used to cover the costs incurred for Utilites, Cleaning, Security, Food Services, Media Services, Child Care, Supplies, etc. Those fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of each event:
  • If Food Services are requested for non-church events, it is highly recommended that catering services or other outside groups provide and prepare the food. Please be sure this is clarified thoroughly in the request process. Costs involved.
  • If paper goods, supplies, coffee, etc. will be needed for the event, please include that in the request. Costs involved.
  • If Media Support is needed: AUDIO - reinforcement/microphones/audio playback/CD, and/or VIDEO - computer/projection/graphics/DVD/etc. - Please indicate that in the request. Please note that, if a tech operator is needed, advance arrangements will be required and costs will be incurred.
  • Please be aware that Security personnel may be needed for extra events, particularly in the evening, and additional costs will be added.
  • If the event is approved, the church will provide personnel to open/close the building(s), maintain comfortable temperatures, etc.
  • Child Care is an important consideration for any event involving families. Unless approved, the church cannot provide child care services on campus. Insurance regulations mandate that the church can use only approved and screened child care workers on campus. If approved workers are available and agreed upon, additional costs will be incurred.